Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What's On My Mind Today...

*I came across a headline that said "Fans Shocked By Kevin Federline's Weight Gain." The most shocking part of this headline? K-Fed has fans.

*Google Maps is often like Google: it gives you a whole lot of information, but not necessarily anything useful for what you need to do. (Especially if navigating Atlanta's labyrinth of streets with their often ridiculously thick traffic and unpredictable construction schedules.)

*Most Americans pronounce "Boston" as if it rhymes with "Austin," yet the two words don't share any vowels. One of the wonderful peculiarities of English.

*Speaking of which, many vowel sounds in English are represented in pronunciation guides with a character known as the "schwa." (represented by the upside down "e") I've often wondered why they didn't just make the schwa a letter.
*Also, you may be surprised to learn that Austin, TX is the southernmost state capital in the continental United States. I suppose that it is a result of pre-telephone days, when it could make a great difference to shorten communication by even a day or two, that Florida's capital of Tallahassee is in the far northern part of the state and Alaska's capital of Juneau is in the far southern part of the state--closer to surrounding territories (and to Washington, D.C.) but not convenient to the majority of residents in those states.
*It is a testament to the mindset of conspiracy theorists that a lack of evidence for their beliefs does not dissuade them, and a preponderance of evidence against their beliefs does not convince them.
*Why is it that people who don't like baseball have to make a big deal of how much they hate baseball whenever it is introduced as a subject of conversation? As if not liking anything is a reason to behave like a jerk.

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